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Why a fundraiser and not a more conventional approach?

Project: InStride is a great idea with a lot of potential upside and even more ways to expand into ancillary businesses.  Why a fundraiser and not a bank loan or an investor pitch? The answer is simple, sustainability.  By raising the capital to take over the two existing operations we are negotiating, we make the Veteran’s Benefits we are building free.  With no monthly interest payments and no owner distributions to make, we align the enterprises to start helping our heroes on day one.  This is key.  The opportunity here is in the existing infrastructure of the two companies that are already making money, to build our platform on top of.  Many people have inquired about why we are intent...

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Costs of War

  US Military Veterans’ Difficult Transitions Back to Civilian Life and the VA’s Response Anna Zogas1  University of Washington February 2017 Introduction     During the United States’ post-­‐‑9/11 wars, the American public has been presented with many overly simplistic stories of how the wars affect US service members.  Media accounts of troops who survive combat often highlight the devastating effects of physical and psychological trauma, and instances when the government has failed to provide adequate care for injured veterans. One prominent example was an investigation in 2007 which exposed the  dilapidated living  conditions of  severely   injured soldiers who  were rehabilitating at the Army’s Walter Reed hospital in Washington, DC.2 More recent reporting in 2015 highlighted a disproportionately high number of...

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Our Why

Our story starts a lot like many Veteran’s stories do. The problems we face coming back to civilian life tend to have a few distinct commonalities.  First, and most importantly, we all need jobs. Our military experience is a great start. We have learned skills that are hard to teach. We can work with anyone, we can do it under extreme pressure, and we can solve problems. That does not always translate to "you're hired" right away. It also does not translate to a great post service career either. We often need to articulate our experience into language the civilian world is more familiar with.  We are building a platform that puts our Veterans first on top of a nationally...

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