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Our Why

Our story starts a lot like many Veteran’s stories do. The problems we face coming back to civilian life tend to have a few distinct commonalities.

 First, and most importantly, we all need jobs. Our military experience is a great start. We have learned skills that are hard to teach. We can work with anyone, we can do it under extreme pressure, and we can solve problems. That does not always translate to "you're hired" right away. It also does not translate to a great post service career either. We often need to articulate our experience into language the civilian world is more familiar with.  We are building a platform that puts our Veterans first on top of a nationally active recruiting and placement firm. 


Second, we all have to take care of our health. Some of us leave in less than perfect physical condition. Benefits can be very tricky and the process is not as simple as filing out one application.  We want to provide expert guidance and support to those of our sisters and brothers applying for compensation as well as appealing previous cases denied.  


 Third, our educational experience can be hard to navigate. The GI Bill is a wonderful benefit that has help so many Veterans lead successful, impactful lives. For many more, the experience is made a bit difficult by predatory institutions misleading Veterans, overcharging, and under delivering on degree results. We want to walk Veterans and their dependents through the process so that they get exactly what they are looking for and do not have to come out of pocket to do it.


 Fourth, not all Vets want a job or to go back to school Some of us want the opportunity to go into business for ourselves.  We have one partner firm already lined up to offer deep discounts to Veterans looking to start their own business and we will continue to research and assimilate real opportunities into the platform. 


This is just the start of our project.  We want to build a network of heroes helping each other and then point that power at some of the bigger challenges we face as a country.  Our most valuable asset as a country is our people and none are more valuable than a trained leader that knows sacrifice. 


Remember, you are not buying a sweater, you are building something bigger than all of us.  Earn your stripes today. 

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