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Why a fundraiser and not a more conventional approach?

Project: InStride is a great idea with a lot of potential upside and even more ways to expand into ancillary businesses.  Why a fundraiser and not a bank loan or an investor pitch?

The answer is simple, sustainability.  By raising the capital to take over the two existing operations we are negotiating, we make the Veteran’s Benefits we are building free.  With no monthly interest payments and no owner distributions to make, we align the enterprises to start helping our heroes on day one.  This is key.  The opportunity here is in the existing infrastructure of the two companies that are already making money, to build our platform on top of. 

Many people have inquired about why we are intent on providing our Veterans and their families our services for free.  We believe that initiative could be a first step in to helping solve even greater systemic challenges.  We want to put a million Vets to work in real careers or in real accredited educational programs next year.  That is a lofty goal but the more of our sisters and brothers we have the greater our reach and negotiating power.  If we have a potential student pool of one million people with financing in place, we believe we can compel the educational institutions to offer instate tuition to all Vets and eligible dependents. 

With a million qualified, battle tested, pressure trained, problem solvers in our network; we believe that employers will learn to look to our network first.  There are many opportunities out there that Veterans can and do take advantage of.  Our mission is to take the best ones and put them in one place, with our Heroes at the front of the line.

Join our network with your purchase and become part of our million strong army.

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